Go Green With Red Heart Cypress

  • Versatile. Sustainable. Beautiful.

  • Versatile. Sustainable. Beautiful.

Our Story

East Bay Cypress supplies the finest Old Growth Red Heart Cypress mill direct from South Georgia. The USDA Forest Services Center for Wood Anatomy Research stated about Cypress "The heartwood of old growth timber is one of most decay-resistant woods; but second growth timber is only moderately decay resistant." East Bay Cypress supplies only Old Growth Cypress. Cypress is the quality natural alternative to chemically made, or altered products.The best Cypress in the country grows in South Georgia and its surrounding areas, due to the brackish water and the maturity of the trees. After the trees are harvested, saplings are fast to appear to rejuvenate the forest. With a unique direct relationship with the Cypress Mill in Southern Georgia, the prices are as low as possible. With a large supply of logs coming directly from the swamps to the mill daily, there is no shortage of product. Old Growth Southern Long Leaf Heart Pine, which grows next to the Cypress, is also available. Long Leave Heart Pine makes for spectacular wide plank flooring.

East Bay Cypress has enjoyed a working relationship with the mill for many years and no project is too unique or specialized. Any size lumber can be produced for siding, 8 sided octagon timbers, outdoor decks, general millwork, custom trim and paneling, or anything you can imagine is available. From a complete log or timber frame home to your custom made Adirondack chair, we can supply your dream project. We can mill lumber into any dimension requested and cut large timbers in a variety of shapes. Square timbers 24 feet long and round lathe logs up to 32 feet long.

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What Our customers are Saying

  • “The cypress wood we got from East Bay Cypress was very high quality. Customer loved how the project came out and so do we!”

    Mark Jones Construction